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We are a small hobby breeder of family friendly chickens located outside Baraboo, Wisconsin on 6.5 acres.  Our land is located next to over 200 acres of public land.  Our breeding stock has been selected from multiple, high quality breeders from around the country.  We do not raise hatchery stock birds.  

Our goal is to raise healthy, happy chickens that do well in a backyard flock.  We have narrowed down the number of breeds we raise so we can truly focus on and improve our lines.  I am always happy to discuss what our goals for our breeding are.

Our birds have plenty of room and are allowed to free range on a rotating basis when the weather permits.  They are fed a high quality diet of pellets, fermented feed, sprouted grain, and in-season fruits and vegetables. 

NPIP and AI clean


About Us: Our Farm
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